Energy Efficiency with LED Lighting
Featherstone recently announce the expansion of its offerings into this area of “Green” technology. We have introduced a new line of LED lighting products that are direct replacements for existing 4’ and 8’ fluorescent light tubes. With budgets being cut everywhere, this is a solution that makes sense for immediate implementation by any business or public institution having substantial lighting requirements. Our LUXstar light tubes will enable hospitals, schools, government facilities, office buildings, retail stores, and other large energy users to achieve significant savings on their current lighting bill without replacing any fixtures or changing existing wiring. And with a rated life span of over 50,000 hours, LUXstar users will enjoy additional savings in both short and long-term maintenance expenses without sacrificing any quality of operations.

Insulated Window Inserts
EcoInserts are a “Magnetically” applied interior window insert used for Thermal and Acoustic insulation applications. The Optical-Grade acrylic we use is guaranteed against yellowing and clouding, and though the inserts are lightweight, they are 17 times more impact resistant than glass of equal thickness. The unique bellows design allows the insulating pane to expand and contract without bowing and is virtually invisible when installed.

Computer Network Design
As advisory consultants, we perform on-site surveys and provide pre-construction blueprint reviews prior to applying a client's application specific network requirements to our design recommendations. After drafting a pre-installation planning report, we propose sound, cohesive network topologies for each building. Where appropriate, we also advise on the selection of data communications equipment and cable management systems to enhance the network's performance, flexibility, and cosmetics.

Project Management Services
Acting as a technical liaison for our clients, we work with selected contractors and service providers to see that every aspect of a proposed network is properly scheduled and implemented. Our installation oversight services are intended to ascertain and confirm that all critical design specifications have been complied with by each contractor. Our on-site project management services include; contractor coordination, materials scheduling, system testing and in-service certification.

Video Distribution / V.O.D. Systems
CampusVision™, is our cost-effective solution for delivering full duplex NTSC broadcast quality video and audio to the desktop, classroom, or boardroom. Our system includes a unique multimedia distribution device that transmits its signals over low-cost unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wiring. The analog conversion process produces no loss in video quality and achieves full 30fps (frames per second) of un-digitized “real time” images.